Augmented Audio


As of today, augmented audio experiments deliver pre-recorded audio snippets based on different parameters. Their non-linearity is restricted by the exponential nature of pre-production. To break up these borders, I propose using synthetic voices allowing for total flexibility.

My research will focus on using them in different contexts and drafts to demonstrate their potential use. It will range from pre-recorded formats with synthetic voice extension up to fully synthetic audio pieces.


I believe in a future, where linear audio has evolved to its next step. Constantly adapting to the users' environment, for greater relevance and immersion. Personalized news, dynamic in-depth podcasts, real-time adapting art pieces, heresque voices in our heads, all web-based, accompanying us wherever we go.

This is not the death of classic narrative, but its rebirth with contemporary possibilities of auditive storytelling.

by Vinzenz Aubry


2020 - 2021 Marco Polo (working title) (EN / DE)

marco polo preview In production.

2020 __FM (Multilang)

A personal auditive content curator. During the current lockdown period, the government’s main concern is the physical protection of all citizens. However, as the period extends, an increasing psychological burden appears due to media over-confrontation with Covid-19.
radio and fm transmitter As a frequent radio listener, I was trying to find a solution to avoid the topic without cutting myself off. Therefore, I added a curation layer on the consumer’s side: a personal audio content curator.

It’s a real-time pipeline which checks an online radio stream of choice via speech recognition for predefined words. It then replaces those with another custom sound/word. An analog FM radio signal is then transmitted throughout my apartment, thus overwriting my kitchen radio with a cleaned, self-protecting audio stream.

This way I can go back to listening to early morning radio, cleaned from stress-inducing influences.
infographic on how __fm works video documentation - running code - github

2019 Social Score - Nothing to Hide (DE)

title social score Social score negotiates the potential introduction of a social scoring system in Germany. It is a live generated, speech synthesised and GPS based audiobook directly playable in any smartphone browser.

During a free walk, the listeners experience the advantages and disadvantages of such a system with the fictitious AI « AVA ». The augmented audio piece is synthesised and composed live and individually by analysing GPS position data and comparing them with databases of location and object data. - video documentation - trailer

screenshot of the documentation
Realized for and with and Ralph Tharayil.

  • Nominated for Online Grimme Award and Prix Europa

  • Won section digital at International Documentary Film Festival Munich


O searching for EN / FR translation funding